15 November 2017

Saddle shoes for Children

We love to revive forgotten classic shoes for children. To gather ideas, old photos and memories are our main inspirational source. And we stumbled across these lovely American shoes. These oxford shoes are called saddle/dress shoes in the US. They were on vogue in the 40s/50s and are still worn by some classically dressed american children today. Saddle shoes are typically white in the front and back and have a brown/black saddle in the middle.
Funny how these cute shoes never made it to Europe.  In Europe they remind us more of golf or bowling shoes, or tap shoes, don't you think? Should we dare a revival? Maybe a 'European-ised' version, let's see what our creative team can come up with. Would you like to see these shoes in our collection?


26 September 2017

Children's shoes on Instagram

Joining Instagram has proven a right move with so many mothers sharing lovely pictures of their children with Menthe et Grenadine children's shoes. A real treat to get feedback in such a fun way and to talk to our customers so easily. Instagram is such a great community to share new and favourite brands and new trends. Check us out on Instagram and see all our cute customers wearing Menthe et Grenadine classic children's shoes in daily life. Join us on IG @mentheetgrenadine also for great regular give aways of children's shoes!



7 September 2017

Vintage leather shoes for boys and girls

Classic style for children never seems to go out of fashion. We currently have another strong trend of all things classic, not least because of the way the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose to dress Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
Vintage and retro things for children are very en vogue at the moment, from Japan to Europe and Amerika, many mothers love to dress their children the old-fashioned way and try to avoid bright colours, logos and modern clothing. Instagram is full of photos of children dressed in brown, mustard and orange colours, with smock dresses and knickerbockers, knee socks and t-bar shoes. This even transfers to toys and home furnishing with wooden toys and Waldorf dolls entering the children's room, and plastic toys being chucked out!
At Menthe et Grenadine, we could not agree more with this trend and we are glad to see our classic loving customers grow in number, and sharing our children's shoes on social media! As so many are looking for tan leather and muted colours, we have launched several of our shoes in these colours for this Autumn 2017.
Mary Janes 'Marie' in tan leather with buckle for small children
Leander cognac brown leather boots 'Leandre' with velcro fastening 

22 August 2017

Scuffs on new shoes

Already dreading those first football and skipping games at school and the inevitable scuffs on brand new school shoes? Panic no more, we have it all sorted.

We went to see the shoe polish company FAMACO in France. They are known for their quality products and have an answer to any leather related problem! It has been several years now that we are stockist of their shoe creams and 'miracle' colour dyes. You will now find ALL the matching colours for your children's shoes from Menthe et Grenadine. 
The colour repair dye is brilliant to re-dye scuffed areas and give the leather its colour back. 
And the shoe cream is a must to nourish and polish the whole shoe in the matching colour-  for a shiny finish.

You will not believe it until you try it, but the shoes will look as good as new!

Back to School

Classic Quality School Shoes from Menthe et Grenadine - all made in Europe

All our school shoes are now online and restocked. We have brown, black and navy blue leather children's shoes,  for a classic and stylish new school uniform 2017! 

For girls we offer our Charlotte velcro shoes in three colours to suit all schools demand's. Our classic 'Mary Jane' shoes with buckles named Louise come in navy blue. For those older girls that prefer less girly shoes, we have patent leather loafers in black and navy blue. We also have our Yolaine shoes with buckle in a beautiful patent leather in navy blue. No need to polish! 

For Boys we especially recommend our velcro shoes with a sturdy sole and quality leather. The Gregoire shoes come in brown and black to match most school's requirements in shoes. We also have classic loafers called Amaury, in black or navy blue and the Frederic spanish styled loafers for wider feet in patent black.

Any shoes you are missing? We are always thankful for any feedback and ideas on how to improve/ complete our collection of classic children's shoes. So do let us know!