16 February 2018

Baby, it's cold outside!

It is February. First snowdrops and daffodils are showing, and our hopes for Spring are high! But the cold and wet weather reminds us that Winter sadly is not over yet  ... so we need to keep our children warm!

To face the cold outside, bundle them up and keep head and feet warm! Did you know that putting on a hat can really keep their little bodies warm? We lose more heat through our head, and if our body temperature is warm enough and not feeling threatened, our body will continue to pump warm blood down to our extremities.

Children have of course a much more fragile body than adults and their metabolic rate is quicker. This means, they will often feel warmer than they actually are and get very cold significantly quicker than adults.
Being warm is very important for your kids as we don’t want them to get cold and be sick. But did you know that in order to grow well, they need to be warm? When children are cold and in order to keep warm, their body will use the energy taken from food instead of using it to grow!

So starting with having the right winter boots and shoesthermal insolessocks and tights is a good step to keep your little ones in good health.

Our thermal wool insoles are made of compressed wool for comfort, warmth and breathability. They also insulate from the cold through the thin layer of aluminium at the bottom.

Our socks and tights are made of high-quality cotton with a little elastane to keep the shape. Our cotton tights and socks can be worn throughout the year as cotton guarantees the breathability of children's feet, hence preventing sweaty feet!

Our shoes are all made with 100% leather. Although you wouldn’t necessarily think leather is ideal in winter, it actually is. We also offer fabulous weatherproofing leather sprays that additionally protect leather from water.

Check out our collection of  leather boots from Menthe et Grenadine which are sturdy and warm and will keep your children warm into Spring.

Don’t forget that little feet grow fast! We recommend you measure your child´s feet before ordering if you haven’t done so recently. At Menthe et Grenadine we trained at the Society of Shoes Fitters, which focuses on foot health.

12 February 2018

Red Shoes for Children

There is something really special about red leather shoes for children. Magic red shoes. And we have many of them as we just love red shoes equally on girls as on boys. This photo was sent to us today of two lovely little pageboys wearing the Georges red T-bar shoes for a wedding. Don't they look gorgeous?

Discover our traditional red Mary Janes shoes for girls, and many classic red T-bar shoes with buckles for boys and girls on www.menthe-et-grenadine.com

6 February 2018

Margaret Tarrant illustrations

If you love vintage shoes for children, the chance is you will also love vintage children's books and illustrations as we do. It is a fast world we live in, and immersing a child into a magical world of the most beautiful dreamy illustrations, is a wonderful escape for both reader and listener of all age! Margaret Tarrant's delicate drawings will stay in your child's mind and remain as precious childhood memories. We all have some special children's book we remember from childhood!

Margaret Tarrant was born in 1888 and has illustrated and written children's books well into the 1950s. She wrote enchanting fairy stories like The Forest Fairies, The Pond Fairies, and The Twilight Fairies. She also painted beautiful religious themes.
Her drawings will undoubtedly spark the imagination of your children and send them off to the woodlands in search of fairies or animal friends.


Fabulous ribbed tights for children

It really is still cold outside, even if some first daffodils are defying the icy ground! Spring is not far!

So to brave the cold, we are giving away a pair of tights or socks with every purchase from £100.
All tights are made in Europe, gorgeous ribbed cotton tights. Enjoy!