6 February 2018

Margaret Tarrant illustrations

If you love vintage shoes for children, the chance is you will also love vintage children's books and illustrations as we do. It is a fast world we live in, and immersing a child into a magical world of the most beautiful dreamy illustrations, is a wonderful escape for both reader and listener of all age! Margaret Tarrant's delicate drawings will stay in your child's mind and remain as precious childhood memories. We all have some special children's book we remember from childhood!

Margaret Tarrant was born in 1888 and has illustrated and written children's books well into the 1950s. She wrote enchanting fairy stories like The Forest Fairies, The Pond Fairies, and The Twilight Fairies. She also painted beautiful religious themes.
Her drawings will undoubtedly spark the imagination of your children and send them off to the woodlands in search of fairies or animal friends.


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