11 January 2019

New Baby Shoes Collection!

Here comes Menthe et Grenadine's new collection of traditional baby shoes!
It took many samples to get the design right, and we think we nailed it! We chose extra soft leather for tender little feet and our baby shoes are made on a special last that allows even chubby feet a comfortable fit. The super thing about our range of classic baby shoes is that they have an elastic in the back that allows an easy slip-on; you just pull open the back of the shoes. And then we chose secure fastenings so those beautiful little shoes don't slip off babies' feet, with buckles and return velcro straps. And the bonus is the thin rubber sole that allows first walkers to walk outside too without destroying the soft leather sole.

So at Menthe et Grenadine we now have our traditional children's shoes in mini-version from size 0 (EU 17)! Discover now...

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